Minimalismo nel dettaglio

I nostri mobili sono influenzati dalla natura e dalla cultura scandinava.


Design scandinavo, qualità nei materiali, cure nei dettagli

caratterizzano il marchio Skargaarden come il top sul mercato.


When the sand on the shore takes a leap into the Baltic Sea, it turns into a sandy bottom. Water gently transforms rocks into reefs. The archipelago is a habitat in constant negotiation with itself. Until recently, the economy of these islands was about traditional industries. There were fishermen, boatwrights and rope makers, working hard to make it pay. The islands were symbols of man against the elements.
Today, they’re more about leisure than hard work.
The luxury of having time to relax. No obligations, no stress, no calls.
Skargaarden has its roots in the craftsmanship of the past. Now we’re catering for the needs of those who want to make the most of their spare time.
Be it on islands, in cities, or anywhere.


In late June in the north of Scandinavia, the sun never fully sets. It’s daylight at midnight. And even if you go quite a way south, the summer nights never really get dark. This is a perk of living here.
These scarce days of light are locked in an ancient battle against the three hundred or so days of darkness. Heavily outnumbered, knowing they will be defeated, they fight the good fight every single year.
So bring your friends, open your bottles of Burgundy, tell your tales and be out in the open. All is forgiven, all scores are settled. The dreams are new, the night is far away.